About Me

Angie - who works in Teignmouth, Ashburton, and Ivybridge - has been working as a Shiatsu therapist since 2002. She studied for 3 years at the Devon School of Shiatsu, on the company of some internationally known teachers.

Additionally, she continues to update her Shiatsu skills. In 2001 she studied with Carola Beresford-Cooke on a Zen Shiatsu; Michael Rose "Touching the Essence", "Structural Alignment", "Pregnancy, infertility, and moxibustion" at St Luke's Hospice, working with carers of the dying. Experienced in working with stroke patients, her Shiatsu skills have also taken her to Portugal, Italy, and Belgium.

Angie was first drawn to Shiatsu in 1989 when she suffered panic attacks after the birth of her son. She booked a course of treatment in London that led to a complete relief. It was such an amazing experience she promised herself that when her son was grown up she would study Shiatsu and help others to experience similar wellbeing.