I first met Angie three months ago when a friend of mine gave me a voucher for a Shiatsu treatment. I was diagnosed with Spondylitis thirty years ago and after only one treatment I found that I was able to turn my neck in a normal manner, which I had not been able to do prior to being treated by Angie.

The second time I saw her she worked on my spine which has a curvature due to my above-mentioned Spondylitis. This has also felt greatly improved.

The third visit she restored the use of my left arm, of which I had lost about 60% of its use. I cannot speak highly enough in regard to her treatment and the sense of well-being that I feel due to her skill in the treatment of the above-mentioned problems.

Allan Longhurst - 17/01/2012

My 96 year old father has had various injuries to his back and neck over the years, working on a farm and in later years having had a car accident which resulted in him having whiplash. For the last 10 years he has not been able to lift his head or move it from side to side; he has been in constant pain. The pain was always worse when the weather was wet.

Having been to many doctors and hospital appointments, he was finally told there was little that could be done apart from taking painkillers regularly to control the pain.

On the recommendation of a friend, I booked my father a Shiatsu therapy session with Angie Jones in desperation of making him more comfortable. After the first session he was able to lift his head and move a little from side-to-side. He has had weekly sessions, and after 4 or 5 sessions his movement had considerably increased, and now the pain has virtually gone - painkillers are no longer needed. He has continued to have weekly sessions and I now notice that as well as his improved mobility, his circulation and general wellbeing have also vastly increased.

I would highly recommend this non-invasive treatment to anyone.

Marion Brunsdon

I fell down the stairs aged 15 and have suffered from neck and back problems ever since, resulting in limited neck movement and general inflexibility by age 50.

I booked a session and was totally amazed at the experience, and afterwards was able to move my neck from left to right for the first time in years. After several sessions, my mobility was restored and pain free. My friends and family noticed the difference and I have recommended Angie. One emailed me to say "she is a miracle worker!". My husband has also had Shiatsu from Angie and has recommended her services.

My advice for anyone suffering from back or neck problems is to book a session with Angie - it will be the best thing you will ever do.

Liz Northmore

My time with Angie was my first experience of Shiatsu. Wow - prior to getting started, Angie made me feel totally at ease and listened. The treatment itself was amazing - I didn't want it to end! Afterwards I felt centred, connected with myself... more aware, confident, and free of tension! Thank you Angie - you are very good at what you do.


Since I was introduced to Shiatsu by my niece in 2004, I have not looked back. At that time it seemed as if my body was working against itself. I had neck and back pain, my psoriasis was quite bad, my psoriatic arthritis in my hand was painful, and I had started to have stomach problems. Then along came Shiatsu with Angie Jones, and over a period of time all my problems have diminished or gone.

I still have a Shiatsu session once a month and I find it is like giving my both a monthly MOT!

Not only has my body benfitted from Shiatsu, but I feel my well-being has as well. I am much more relaxed and if I develop any problems, they are sorted at my monthly session.

Angie Jones is an excellent Shiatsu practitioner; very kind and thoughtful, and I find her life-style, dietary, and exercise advice very helpful too.

I would highly recommend Shiatsu.

Lesley Moore, December 2007

Since the age of five, when meningitis necessitated a lumbar puncture, I have experienced a needle phobia... hardly ideal when I was diagnosed with insulin dependent diabetes at the age of eight! Over the next three decades, I struggled to face the daily injection regime, and blood tests were to be avoided unless absolutely essential. Roll on to a couple of months ago when my wife treated me to a trial Shiatsu treatment to help with a shoulder injury that was causing some pain and movement difficulty. After my very first treatment with Angie Jones, I attended an office party where I felt ten feet tall, and so full of confidence. Within a few treatments my shoulder was feeling much better, with far greater movement than previously. This was the expected benefit of my treatment, but the surprise to me was the way I coped with my condition.

Last week alone, I performed more blood tests than I would previously have acoomplished in an entire year, and my feelings around injection times are far more positive following Angie's intervention. Shiatsu has certainly changed my life for the better, in a way I would never have expected. I would urge anyone with physical or emotional issues to give it a try - you will be so glad that you did!

Jason G. Morris

I have cervical dystonia, which is a neurological movement disorder characterised by sustained muscle spasms. I was in touch with someone who had the same illness and she told me someone had gone into remission with Shiatsu.

I had been having Botox injections to stop the spasms but my head was not straight and my neck ached a lot. I contacted the Shiatsu society and was given a list of names. I chose Angie Jones because she was recommended to me.

No one had touched my neck for a year, I was a little nervous but I liked her immediately and I have never looked back. I have a lot more movement in my whole body, I even look like a normal person now. I have grown in confidence. I can drive my car and live a normal life with no aches. I hope I will go into remission soon, but only time will tell.

Shiatsu is part of my life now, and I am glad I found it. I was so relaxed after my last session I walked out with my shoes!

Jenny Lake

I first saw Angie on the recommendation of a friend when I was in severe pain with a back problem, having never had Shiatsu previously. In that first session she made a tremendous difference and I was able to function again, having been almost immobile. I saw Angie weekly after that and over the next few weeks my pain levelled off and disappeared.

I noticed that in addition to relieving my back and leg pain, Angie was making a difference to me in other ways - I felt stronger and more robust in general, managing well the demands of working and caring for two small children. Shiatsu is gentle yet extremely powerful, and I have continued to see Angie monthly - it feels as important and eating well and exercising in maintaining good health. Angie has also been very helpful in recommending small, manageable changes to my lifestyle and diet to support my health, and is unfailingly warm and caring in her approach. I would not hesitate to recommend Angie as an effective, professional, and very personable practitioner.

Ellie Ricketts